Although it dates back three years ago, I went on a family trip to Okinawa...

Although it dates back three years ago, I went on a family trip to Okinawa. There was only one eldest son, but I arrived in Okinawa after a long long flight with my first flight on my first flight, but unlike local shikoku it was unexpectedly hot and not a hot atmosphere. On the first day I rented a car rental car to the Churaumi Aquarium, but I found a beach on the way and it got off, it dried up a lot of coral reefs that dried up and it was very beautiful. White fossilized coral reef. There are various shapes and mixed with seashells and spreading Okinawa! It is! . I got to the aquarium by barely finding a map, but I was surprised that it was big and big again. A lot of fish that I have not seen in many aquarium tanks! The dolphin show was amazing, but the big whale shark is also an inspirational thing! It is! Next to the aquarium I moved to Shuri Castle Park. I was told that it was a deep place of ancient history and was strictly managed from a parking lot to a museum etc. The most interesting Ruizen gate among various parks gathered. I felt the weight of history one step by step to the gate surrounded by stones. Various things such as unknown history and cuisine which can be tasted only here are the first time and it was a wonderful memory.

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